What we offer

Cultural heritage: Guided tour and story-telling 

Come and visit an old farmstead that clings to the mountain-side and enjoys splendid views over the fjord and surrounding mountains. Skaldegard invites small groups to come and learn about the local area’s natural environment, history, agriculture and way of life, both past and present. Your visit will include a guided tour of the historic farm buildings. Inside the lovingly restored barn you get to try home-made lefse, a traditional Norwegian flatbread. Then we take you on a journey through Norwegian folklore to a world where trolls and huldra live. Welcome!


Time: June - September 

Length of visit: Approximately 3 hours (incl.transport)

Group size: Up to 16 people

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The whole guided tour and story-telling session is done in English. 

Do you want a different kind of experience?

We offer tailor-made packages for groups, which can include a variety of activities: a guided tour through our past and present; story-telling based on folklore and legends; and an insight into the traditional way of life on the farm. Our packages include a snack during your visit.

Please contact us to agree the details, time and place!

Time: By agreement.

Price: By agreement 

E-mail enquiries: post@skaldegard.no

Would your class enjoy a totally fresh approach?

Is your class studying a topic that would benefit from being taught in unique surroundings? Would you like inspiration and ideas for a lesson plan that can be taught outside the classroom? If you tell us what you want, we’ll prepare something, either by ourselves or working with you.